Destroy Rebuild Repeat Gallery is proud to present “Canvas Streets”

Destroy Rebuild Repeat Gallery is proud to present “Canvas Streets”, a group exhibition featuring new works by twenty-three contemporary L.A. based artists.  Every artist will show two pieces. The art will display a broad range of work and mediums.  It will include a provocative collection of paintings, prints, stencils, and mixed media pieces and represent the most current movements in the L.A. art scene.

“ Canvas streets aims to bridge the gap between street art and more traditional gallery exhibitions. Where most artists are prompted to alter their work to fit into the mold of what is acceptable in a gallery setting we strive to let the artists work stay true to their vision. ”

Right now the LA art scene is evolving into an extraordinary movement. What has been acceptable in the past does not dictate what will be acceptable in the future. All the artists taking part in this show are all on the front lines of pushing their craft to its limits. They are not passive bystanders but active participants on the ground level assault of the senses.

Known associates:  Meex1, SandOne, Danny Minnick, Nuskr, Sarah Sandin, 2twenty, Jennifer Korsen, Hanna Streety, Brady Matthews, Phobic, LookAt, El Toro, Random Act, Ciphe, iBelieve, Annie Preece, Dillon, Gregory Siff, Greg Auerback, cantstopgoodboy, Samaire Armstrong, SeizerOne, Brooke Harker

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