“ Dillon believes that “The world and the City of L.A. is my art gallery. ”

The streets, the buildings and the walls are where I find my audience. Because my audience is not necessarily the traditional art gallery type. My audience is the common man and women who inhabit the city; workers, hustlers, street people. I have been out of a home and I understand what it is like to be cold and hungry, what it’s like to have no one to rely on but yourself. It’s not easy and sometime that outlook is dark. Everyone is going through something. So I like to make something beautiful and striking and put it right in peoples’ line of site. I want to make something that will shake them out of whatever they were obsessing on and say oh shit look at that. Something revolutionary. I’m not famous and I don’t want to be famous I just want to make a difference, on an individual level, changing someone’s outlook for a few minutes of their life.”